Episode 56



May 11th, 2022

26 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

How can scientists calculate the age of a rock? How do evolutionists arrive at the dates that they do? If you pick up a rock in your back yard, how can you figure out how long it has been there? You might try any number of methods, but no matter how which one you decide to use, you must make some assumptions. David Rives and Paul Taylor meet to discuss the many assumptions scientists use to calculate the age of our own (very large) rock…Earth. Paul Taylor is the director of Strong Tower Ministries. Originally from the UK, Paul does an excellent job analyzing Darwin’s life and legacy. He is author of the book “Where Birds Eat Horses” and has led hundreds of tours to Mount St. Helens, studying the impact and environmental regrowth that took place after its eruption in 1980.