Episode 59



June 22nd, 2022

26 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Where will an evolutionary worldview take you? Ever since the publishing of Charles Darwin’s book On The Origin of Species in 1859, we’ve gradually come to live in a world dominated by his ideas. The fruits of this evolutionary worldview have grown and taken on many forms over the last 150+ years. Learn from David Rives and Russ Miller what these fruits of Darwinism are and where they eventually lead.

Russ Miller is president and founder of Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries. Over the years he has taken thousands of people on tours of the Grand Canyon and is the author of the book COSt. A careful study of the Bible and geology brought him to the realization that the Bible is true, without the need to fit evolutionary theory into it. Now, Russ shares the evidence for God’s creation everywhere he goes.